This is an art competition made for the modern world. It’s your chance to get discovered, get minted, get purchased at auction, get media exposure. Hell, you might even get crowned NFT XFKTR champion and take home the $5,000 cash prize. So choose a category and get going!


There is nothing like a dream to create the future. Unlock the door to your personal universe and let us in, let this be the bridge between what you see in your mind to a world you want us to see! – An interlude from reality: memory, prophecy, fantasy, whatever it may be, we want to feel your vibes and see life from your unique perspective! Share your vision here.

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Creativity knows no limits and neither does this category. Don’t be afraid to push the boundary of artistic innovation, be it by hand, mind or computer generation! Sweep away traditional artistic notions and replace them with an energetic celebration of the machine age. Create the future you wish to see, you are the architects of the future after all! Enter now.

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Got your finger on the pulse of culture? Feel the need to subvert the status quo? Maybe your art doesn’t fit in a category, maybe you are completely in your own lane. Think outside the box, or create a box of your own! Don’t be afraid to be playful and spontaneous, exercise your imagination: this category is for you.

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The Competition

Stage 1: Make the Mint

Entries open
Submit up to 3 examples of your art into 1 of the 3 categories.
August 8

Entries close
Sept 29

Minted artists announced
100 artworks selected by judges are minted to Mintbase for the NFT XFKTR auction.
Sept 27

Stage 2: Auction

An auction for all 100 minted artists is held on Mintbase. If your art sells, you keep the ka-ching!
Sept 30 – Oct 6

Finalists selected
At the conclusion of the auction 3 finalists from each category are selected and announced:
1. Highest selling artwork
2. Judge’s select
3. Wildcard
Oct 3

Stage 3: Promote the Vote

Promote yourself
$1,000 USD is awarded to each Finalist to put towards promoting their art and craft on social media, encouraging people to visit the Finalists gallery to vote for them.
Oct 4 – 14

Most votes wins
The Finalist with the most votes wins. It’s that simple.
Oct 14

NFT XFKTR Champion crowned
$5,000 USD is awarded to the artist with the most votes.
Sponsor’s spot prizes also dished out. Party time!
Oct 17


The NFT XFKTR auction will be held on Mintbase. It’s your stage to shine in front of a huge audience hungry to catch a glimpse of cutting edge art.

If you Make the Mint, you’ll have 1 of your artworks minted free of charge, in a limited edition of 3:

1 for the NFT XFKTR auction
1 for NFT XFKTR Artists Portfolio
1 for your NEAR wallet Find out more.

If your artwork sells at auction, you will receive all of the revenue into your NEAR wallet,

All of 3 of the NFTs will have royalties written into the smart contract: 5% of secondary sales will go to you the artist. 5% will go to the organiser’s NFT XFKTR Artists Portfolio.

Prizes & Loot

NFT XFKTR Champion

$5,000 USD goes to the overall winner. Boom!


$1,000 USD for the 9 category winners to put towards self promotion on social media.

Sponsor’s Bonus prizes

Bonus prizes will be dished out during the competition. Stay tuned for more details.


If your art sells at auction, the NEAR currency goes straight into your NEAR wallet.

Minted Artists

If you Make the Mint, you’ll have 1 piece of your art minted for free.


Introducing our international judging panel: Karl Sheridan, (New Zealand) Caro Geier (Portugal), and the one and only David!


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To help tomorrow’s superstars find their feet, build a following and take over the world, we decided to make NFT XFKTR.

The ultimate art competition to nurture talent and launch careers.


The NFT XFKTR auction will be held on Mintbase, an NFT marketplace which is a fast, scalable and green NFT infrastructure.

Mintbase is built on the Near protocol, which is certified Carbon Neutral.


The NFT XFKTR competition will be Carbon offset through Just Carbon.

Just Carbon are a blockchain-powered marketplace that simplifies offsetting carbon emissions and supports high-quality carbon removal projects to combat climate change.